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Wesco Aircraft Launches Wesco 2020 – Building the Future

May 3, 2018
Wesco 2020 Expected to Deliver Significant Operational and Financial Benefits

VALENCIA, Calif., May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wesco Aircraft Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:WAIR), one of the world’s leading distributors and providers of comprehensive supply chain management services to the global aerospace industry, today announced the launch of Wesco 2020 – Building the Future, focused on service excellence, inventory management and profitable growth.

As previously announced, the company initiated a comprehensive business assessment to determine the steps necessary to improve its operational and financial performance. The assessment process confirmed that opportunities exist for a significant uplift in profitability through footprint alignment, organizational refinement and broader productivity gains, as well as a need to invest in upgrading critical capabilities to serve customers and manage inventory better.

The assessment led to the development of Wesco 2020, with the following key initiatives:

  • Align the company’s footprint with its customer and supplier base to enhance service, improve operating efficiency and reduce costs. The company plans to establish full-service distribution centers with multiple commodities that better serve customers.
  • Refine the organizational structure to drive greater accountability, enhance capabilities, reduce management layers, eliminate duplication and lower costs. The company’s new organizational structure further empowers business segments and establishes centers of excellence to leverage best practices and lead continuous improvement efforts.
  • Invest strategically in people and capabilities, including automation and business tools to drive more effective inventory management and greater efficiency. The company plans to enhance warehouse management systems, implement technology to automate administrative tasks and improve ecommerce and customer portals.

Todd Renehan, chief executive officer, said, “We have made considerable progress improving our business, achieving better operating and financial results in the first half of fiscal 2018. While this progress is encouraging, we still have gaps in our execution. Wesco 2020 is expected to accelerate these improvements, leading to a step-change in operational performance and financial results.”

Renehan continued, “It’s clear that in today’s market, customers demand a broad service offering with flawless execution; as the market evolves, we must provide best-in-class service to meet their needs. The significant benefits expected through Wesco 2020 will allow us to invest in our capabilities to continue supporting our customers and deliver long-term value to shareholders. At the same time, we will remain vigilant in controlling the pace of implementation, balancing the sense of urgency necessary to achieve improvement with the need to continue providing our customers with outstanding service.”

Wesco 2020 is expected to deliver annualized pre-tax benefits of at least $30 million; benefits realization is expected to start in the first quarter of fiscal 2019, with the run-rate improving steadily as the year progresses. The company expects to incur non-recurring costs associated with Wesco 2020 approximately equal to the run-rate benefit over the implementation period.

Additional information is provided with the company’s fiscal 2018 second quarter financial results, which are discussed in a separate press release issued today.

About Wesco Aircraft

Wesco Aircraft is one of the world’s leading distributors and providers of comprehensive supply chain management services to the global aerospace industry. The company’s services range from traditional distribution to the management of supplier relationships, quality assurance, kitting, just-in-time delivery, chemical management services, third-party logistics or fourth-party logistics and point-of-use inventory management. The company believes it offers one of the world’s broadest portfolios of aerospace products, including C-class hardware, chemical and electrical and comprised of more than 565,000 active SKUs.

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